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What Would You Like to Know?

We provide clients with tailored services to manage their projects efficiently and cost effectively. If you have any questions about past work we’ve done or how we can help in a number of capacities, then we invite you to check out some of the previously asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like any additional information.

We have never remodeled before. How can we know what to expect?

Our competent contractor will help you fully understand the process and keep the communication flow so you will know what to expect next. A typical preconstruction conference will cover many issues such as:

  • Job site access

  • Worker hours

  • Protection of personal property

  • Security

  • Emergency phone numbers

  • Storage areas

  • Safety

  • Reuse of materials

  • Debris and dumpster locations

  • Signage

  • Utility interruptions

  • Clean up

  • Parking

  • Portable toilet location

  • Etc.

You should also be provided with a detailed schedule that informs you with not only the item by item construction task dates but also the deadlines of owner product selections to keep you ahead of your contractor’s needs and keeps the project running smoothly.

What is the typical cost of an addition?

Without fully knowing your unique project it is impossible to accurately project a price using unit or square foot pricing. Utilizing our advanced estimating software we are much more accurate in our base estimating and can then quickly include your specific requirements and project challenges such tie-ins and logistics.

How is Champion Construction and Technology different from its competitors?

We are in a mindset of Sustainable living for all brackets of home owners. We are evolving with time, choosing to use eco- friendly building materials. Implementing new sensors in the remodels, to help keep the home running more effectively and efficiently. Helping you save annually.

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